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World Championships 2023

U 11   Nora Duffy          7th place Reel solo 🏅

U 12   Lauren Hayden   6th place Reel solo,5th place

TJ solo, 20th place WMH 🏅🌎

U 13   Maeve Duffy        5th pl Reel solo, 7th pl HP solo, 21st place WMH 🏅🌎

           Eve O’Grady      10th pl Reel solo, 13th pl HP solo, 47th pl Recall medal 🏅

           Fallon O’Brien    Overall recall medal 🏅

U 14   Maeve Ledwith    14th place SJ solo, 8th place HP solo, 31st place WMH 🏅🌎

          Tatum Murray      12th place Slip Jig solo 🏅

U 15 Caroline Cosgrove  12th pl Reel, 5th pl Treble Jig,  40th pl recall medal🏅

         MaryGrace Hagen     pl Reel solo, Overseas Award,          20th pl WMH 🏅🌎

         Kristina O'Rourke   8th pl Reel,  pl Recall medal🏅

U 17  Grace McNerney   two beautiful rounds 😍

U 18  Caroline Scali  6th place SJ solo, 11th pl TJ solo, 29th pl Recall medal 🏅

U19   Alicia Caraciollo      7th place Reel, 2nd place HP  18th place WMH 🏅🌎

          Siobhan Kelly      3rd place Hornpipe solo 🏅

U 29  Emma Coale        two beautiful rounds 😍

Senior Men    Jack Kelly   4th pl Reel solo, 4th pl Treble Jig solo, 4th pl  🏅WMH🌎

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Can you say proud teacher and starry-eyed students?

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